Nine thousand years ago, two green dragons, Misera and Eransion, found themself deeply in love with eachother after five hundred years being together inside the Emerald Dream. Two years after Eransion asked Misera to become his consort, the two dragons decided to mate.

After Misera and Eransion mated, they lived in peace and harmony for the years to come.. Until the Nightmare took over..

The two dragons found themselfs stuck in a fight versus a Nightmare dragon. Misera were still pregnant at the time, so Eransion told her to flee with their children. She refused, she wanted to help her him fight off the evil invaders, until Eransion were striked by a claw from the Nightmare dragon. He fell to the ground as he felt the corruption within him, but he didn't give up. He did all he could and released all his powers to unleash a heavy blow on the dragon which shredded his neck with it's claw. The nigthmare dragon fell, lying lifeless on the ground..

Misera rushed to aid her mate but it was too late. Eransion was lying on the ground groaning as his flesh was slowly turning into corrupted. Misera watched her mate screaming in pain. Eransions last words before he got fully corrupted were My love.. Run.. I cannot control mys-.. Grooarg!. The dragon's scales turned dark green and bursted out clouds of corruption. A tear ran down Misera's chin as she took off, Eransion saw her and took off aswell.

Misera were highly pregnant and she had to find a place to lay her eggs. But then a shape appeared above her. She settled down on the ground, letting out a gasp as she recognized the dragon. No.. Please, no.. She said and begged Eransion to show mercy. Eransion were cold and dark.. He charged Misera and attacked her. Misera couldn't fight that well because of her pregnancy, but she managed to use alot of her strength to put Eransion into a sleep state as she took off.

Misera landed far away from the battlefield between the two. She discovered that she had a flesh wound on her arm and she could only fear the worst.. She feared she would be corrupted aswell.. Quickly she found a spot to lay her eggs and so she did. But when she were about to lay the last egg the corruption took over her. The egg remained inside her until she were fully corrupted.. The egg was a victim of the corrupted aswell. But not by a whole lot. She laid the last egg which contained Ylarmish. She saw the eggs and because of her dark mind she decided to crush the eggs when a group of green dragons could feel the nightmare dragon's presence and flew to Misera to stop her from killing the eggs. Milera and Lermikus took the eggs in their mouth and took off while the rest of the group attacked Misera, instantly killing her with their claws and bites.. Eransion's fate is yet unknown..

Banished from his homeEdit

Now the dragons Milera and Lermikus adopted Misera's eggs. Milera were the sister of Misera, and she made a promise to take care of Misera's children if she should happen to get corrupted by the nightmare. Lermikus is the mate of Milera, he were the one who gathered the dragon group to go out and find the nightmare dragons, and kill them.

The eggs hatched in a little den Milera and Lermikus made. All the whelps were perfect and nice in the shape, everyone but Ylarmish, the last hatched. His skin were light green and his paws were dark green. Milera thought this was strange.. But she still decided to take care of Ylarmish.

Year by year, time goes by. Ylarmish's brothers and sisters grew up to become a drake. Ylarmish reached the drake state too but he was rather strange to look at.. Milera told Lermikus to take Ylarmish to Ysera to get an idea of what's going on with Ylarmish's scale color.

Lermikus arrived at Ysera with Ylarmish. Ysera, i've brought you this drake.. We adopted him when Milera's sister died, it's her child.. But we found something strange about him, see his scale color? It's not the ordinary light green color.. It's dark green.. You know what it might be? Ysera did a long sigh, while looking at Lermikus. Lermikus.. The drake is a quarter corrupted by the Nigthmare.. He must not be here. Lermikus nodded, he knew he couldn't do anything about it. So.. He's banished from the dream? Ysera nodded. She raised a claw up in the air and opened a portal to Azeroth. Go.. I will spare your life young one, you are not welcome here anymore.. I'm sorry, but i have to banish you from the dream. Ylarmish couldn't react before he was ported outside the dream, he looked up in the portal above him, slowly closing. No.. No! Ylarmish yelled, he's all alone now.. Banished from his family, he had to walk the dangerous lands of Azeroth alone.

A cry for vengeanceEdit

Ylarmish walked around Azeroth for eight thousand years.. He was lonely and had noone to talk or be with.. He found the area called Moonglade, where he found alot of druids which would accept a friend in the time of aid. Ylarmish found a new home, a new family.. He was happy once more.

In the time he were in moonglade he found a young night elf, her name were Elridora. Ylarmish and Elridora became friends and used alot of time together. Studying the nature and the dragonflight species.

Time went fast and Ylarmish's feelings for Elridora was growing. She were the only person he revealed his true identity to. She wasn't scared, she liked him just the way he were. They both were happy for having eachother as such close friends. But their feelings went far beyond, Ylarmish was starting to become more mortal addicted. And started to fade away from his life as a corrupted dragon.. Ylarmish and Elridora went to mount hyjal to enjoy the view.. There he asked her if she wanted to become his wife. Elridora wasn't surprised, she knew it would come.. And she thanked him for asking. The couple were happy together for ten years.. Until an attack of the scourge..

Ylarmish went out on a small flight around the northern Kalimdor. When he returned to his surprise, he saw their house in ruins. He ran inside to see if he could find Elridora, there were no sign of her. He ran outside and took off, he will find his love..

Ylarmish used two weeks before he decided to fly to Northrend, to see if she were captured by a Vrykul or scourge.. He found a scourge army beneath a Necropolis, he spotted a tiny shape of a night elf.. He flew down to get a closer look when he saw the night elf's face.. It was Elridora! He quickly flew down and wiped out the small army of weak ghouls and skeletons. He landed infront of the night elf. Ahh, Ylarmish my love.. i see you have come to get reunited? she said in a dark and echoing voice. Elridora.. I finally found you.. What happened to you?. She laughed and draw her sword. What happened to me?.. Well, i just got the best reward you can get.. And the price is nothing.. What you say.. My love.. Wanna join me?.. We can stay together, for all eternity.. Ylarmish saw her sword. .. You are one of the Lich King's death knights now.. No.. I shall not join you.. But i shall do one thing for you, my love.. Ylarmish charges her. I shall grant you final rest! He sweeped his claw at her and knocked her unconscious. He held her down and impaled her chest with a claw. Instantly killing his love.. A tear ran down his chin as he saw his beloved, lying on the ground. He took off to Dragonblight to end his days as he started them, to be damned..

After walking the icy wastes of Dragonblight, he found the Wyrmrest Temple. He heard of the sacred temple, and the dragon queen, Alexstrasza the Life-Binder could be found there. He decided to go inside to seek shelter. He was greeted by the dragons and mortals of the temple. They told him that he was welcome to stay for as long as he would. A smile appeared on his face. Thank you.. I appreciate your kindness.. Ylarmish decided to tell everyone his long and touching story.. Everyone felt pity for him and decided to ask Alexstrasza if he could join the Accord. One of the dragons arrived at the temple with Alexstrasza. She looked down upon me with a smile on her face, i told her my story and she told me i could stay within the temple, as a member of the Accord.. She told me that they were fighting the scourge themselfs and i saw this as a great opportunity to get my revenge on the Lich King, for stealing my love from me, and turn her into a Death Knight..

Ylarmish now fights for the Accord and their allied.